Writer’s Block, Blogger’s Burnout, Call It What You Will

I am by no means a hypochondriac but something’s up.

I decided back in August that I would begin writing some blog posts for money. Then I got the bright idea to save up this money to purchase a new Macbook laptop. My goal was for the money I make blogging and some money I have from “other sources” to add up to enough to purchase a laptop by April 2008. In order for this to happen I would have to submit at least 5 posts to Associated Content. This would be assuming of course that all of those would be accepted. Well the funny thing is for the first 2 and half months it worked. I constantly had new material and I had a pretty good acceptance rate. I made $100 in the first two months from blogging alone.

However something has happened. I have submitted two (count ‘em), two articles to AC in the past three weeks. Actually, make that four weeks. I can not come up with a single good idea. The problem is AC is very particular about the type of content they accept and I have learned what they like. The problem is I simply can not come up with anything that might be AC worthy. And I have tried tapping into my other sources of blogging income, payperpost and bloggerwave. Those have proven to be dead ends. There’s only one conclusion: my awesomeness is running out.

I am not sure how to handle this because in my almost 29 years on this earth this has never happened to me. I mean, I have always had enough awesomeness for most any occasion. For heaven’s sake, I was in a rock band for four years! Do you realize how awesome you have to be to play lead guitar? But perhaps that is what has happened. I have heard of guys who lived the rock n’ roll life in their younger days and then they experience negative effects later. Those who do drugs I have memory or nerve problems later. Those who drink too much have liver trouble. Those who played music too loud having hearing issues. Now granted, I was in a Christian rock band so we didn’t experiment with drugs or hit the bottle after shows. But still, maybe there is another post-band ailment that haunts even Christian rockers: awesomeness loss.

Josh H.

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