Working From Home

Due to a delay in the securing of a new contract by my company (it should be inked by this summer), my place of work is attempting to curb some of its operating expenses by pre-approving all vacation time. Basically this means that if you have any available time and you would like to take it, then it is all approved. Legally a company can not force it’s employees to take time off so really all our managers can do is offer us the opportunity. But of course little convincing was needed. This announcement was made last Thursday and Friday the office seemed rather empty.

So I decided I would treat myself to a Monday off. Here I am at home relaxing with my wife (who just returned from Vida Nueva last night). Actually I use the term “relaxing” loosely since our day ended up being shopping for a few small items we have been needing and going to see the film I Am Legend at the dollar theater.  Then we came home and watched some classic television online (thanks to the Video on Demand services of CBS and NBC).  All in all a great day off.

This day has made me wish even more that I could find a good work-at-home job.  That (or owning a business) would be a dream come true.

Josh H.

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