What’s with all the companies and retailers “going green”?

If you have not heard the term, “going green” is what the kids these days are calling the act of businesses being more eco-friendly in their day-to-day operations as well as in the manufacturing and delivering of their products. This includes using recycled packaging materials, environmentally-friendly components in their products.It’s no easy (or profitable) being green

Apple has taken steps in their new products to be more green by using glass for their computer screens and aluminum for the chassis of their machines instead of using plastic. Likewise Wal-mart has come out and stated that it will be opening high efficiency stores that will be 30% more energy efficient than current stores. I really wonder what has sparked this eco-revolution in the business world. It seems to have started out of nowhere. Furthermore I am interested to know what this might do to prices in the future.

Josh H.

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