We Had Joy, We Had Fun, We Had Concerts In the Sun

I have been fortunate once again to receive an invitation from my old friend Matt Evans to play with him at yet another gig. This time we will be taking another trip down Florida way to play for a Panama City beach retreat. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of joining Matt and Clay at the beach for some singing, sun and fun.

Since we are not a full-time band but simply friends who like to get together to play music we do not have a name. So I have taken upon myself on past occasions to propose a temporary band name for us. Having a band name for a gig makes it easier when it comes to introductions and a snazzy band name just looks slicker on a poster or flyer than “Matt and his musical cohorts” (actually that one’s not bad). So I have come up with a fresh batch of band names that we could potentially use for the duration of this beach retreat. You will notice that they have a decidedly oceanic flair.

Now it is true that we have never actually used any of the names I have conjured up in the past, but I simply chalk this up to the fact that we have not happened upon the right one yet. So this time around I want your input. Please cast your vote below for the band name you think we should use at our beach retreat gig in July. And if you have any band names of your own that you would like to suggest then please leave comment after you have voted.

Josh H.

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