“We are…an American family”

Most of you have probably heard by now that Lyndsay has quit work. I, for one, am so glad. She hasn’t been completely happy at any job she’s had since we’ve been married. But I think this is because she was made to be a housewife. She’s a great cook, she’s driven when it comes to projects and she sews like nobody’s business. I perceive all of these to be the hallmarks of a grade A homemaker.

It’s nice to feel like we’re on Leave It To Beaver too. If I really wanted to I could announce “Honey, I’m home!” whenever I come through the door at 4:30. And if June, I mean, Lyndsay wanted to call me and ask me to stop by the grocery store for milk and eggs on the way home from “the office”, she could do so. We’re just like the Cleavers…except instead of two rascally kids we have three weird cats.

Josh H.

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