Totally Sold Out in the Digital Age (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Computer)

So I have my new Macbook and I have been in the process of setting up my home network so that my two Macs (Macbook and Mac Mini) can communicate and share files. This has been somewhat tricky since information about setting up the correct sharing accounts is scarce. But for those who may have tried this and are having trouble, I found a great article that explains the different types of accounts you can create on a Mac, including Sharing Accounts, and it is what helped me.

Anyway, today at work I was thinking about what other things I needed to configure in order to get my network to operate the way I wanted. So I decided to make some notes so that I could refer to them when I was at home and actually working on it. So I began and was thinking of the user names and passwords I would need to configure. Then I needed to use the word “privileges”. P-r-i-v-e…hmmm. Was there a “d” before the “g”? Was it “p-r-i-v-i” or “p-r-i-v-e”? Inquring minds (and fair spellers) want to know. But I decided at that point not to worry about it. I figured I would just put what I thought it was and then it would tell me if it was wrong by throwing that little red squiggly line underneath.

Have you ever had those moments when you knew you had crossed over some type of milestone or threshold? I can remember when I first began to “talk” music theory with my brother-in-law (who taught me what I know about music theory) and actually sounded intelligent. Another threshold I crossed is when Lyndsay and I decided that we would know longer use a land line phone in our house. Another threshold I crossed is when I went into the Control Panel of my Windows computer at work to change some settings and had to think about it for a second because I was so used to using a Macintosh. Well here with the letters “priv” staring at me I crossed another threshold? “If the spelling I use is wrong it will tell me so by throwing that little red squiggly line underneath.” I looked at the pen in my hand and the lined paper on the notepad before me and shook my head.

There are also times when I am writing and I will momentarily think to myself that I can copy and paste what I have written with pen and paper into Microsoft Word. Sad. So sad.

Josh H.

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