The Happiest Millionaire and the Georgia National Fair

What could these two topics possibly have in common? And in what clever manner will Josh be joining these two strange topics? Well the answer is…

I won’t be. There’s something about each of them that I have had on my mind to write about but I don’t have enough I want to say about either to warrant their own respective posts.

First, I finally sat and watched the film The Happiest Millionaire with Lyndsay the other night. It was absolutely hilarious. I just love Fred MacMurray. His character in this film is Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, an eccentric millionaire who “keeps alligators for pets and teaches boxing at his daily Bible classes.” The funny songs and strange behavior of Biddle and those of his household had me laughing through the whole film. But the thing I want to point out is the attitude of one of the supporting characters, Angie Duke, the heir to a great tobacco empire and the love interest of Biddles daughter, Cordie. Angie (no, it’s not a girl) however cares nothing for tobacco or taking over the family business. His passion is automobiles. His desire is to design and build them. As he courts Cordie he gives her an ear-full of how he wants to marry her and carry her off to Detroit where he can join the booming automobile industry.

As I watched him I thought “what a driven young man!” I of course do not feel quite that excited about anything. Well maybe I do about Macs, but I don’t care to (nor do I have the ability to) design and build them. I just mean I envy Angie’s knowledge of what he wants out of life and the passion to go for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissatisfied with my life or anything. I have a wonderful wife, an awesome home, and friends that I love. But there’s still not that one thing. What makes me come alive? Maybe it isn’t something that could be a career. Maybe it’s something I don’t yet see.

The Georgia National Fair

The fair will soon be in Perry. The dates are October 4-14. I think I must be getting old. I love rides. I love going to Six Flags and the like and getting on those thrilling roller coasters. I used to be the same about fair rides. But these days I look forward to the fair for a different reason. I always look forward to the food, the exhibits and looking at animals. I’m thinking to myself “that’s what the old folks do!” But I can’t help it. I have no interest in the rides at the Georgia National Fair. But I love eating, checking our art and the crafts, and I like looking at those big ‘ol cows (though they smell quite awful).

Josh H.

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