Georgia’s Winters Play Catch-up

today-weather-forecast1I was originally going to title this post “Dixie’s Winters Play Catch-up” (which would go along with my recent Civil War fetish).  But I can’t really speak for all of the states in the South, only Georgia.

Have you ever noticed how winter in Georgia and the corresponding weather are always a little behind? Let’s take the cold months for example.  September still feels pretty much like August.  October and November might be cooler but it’s hit-and-miss.  Then finally in December it starts to feel like fall.  Not too cold, a little breezy, sunny and you can still ride with your car windows down (which I did earlier this week).   There may even be some years when you can wear shorts on Christmas Day…that ain’t right.

Then come late January and February and it finally starts feeling like winter. It gets pretty cold actually. But don’t get used to it because along comes March and BAM, it starts getting warm again.  We pretty much have summer from some time in April until October.  Some days you can still go swimming in late September.

I love the ol’ South. It’s a great place to live.  But lordy mercy I’d like to have some cold Christmases sometimes.

Josh H.

Spring Fever

If you take a look at your calendar (any calendar will do, whether it has kitties or puppies or Napoleon Dynamite) you will notice a reference to a new season. My Napoleon Dynamite calendar simply states “First Day of Spring”, unless you want to believe the Weather Channel conspiracy that says spring began yesterday evening (whoever heard of spring startin’ at night…give me a break). This is the season of new life, of love, of cleaning, of the return of fair weather. I personally love autumn and winter, that is until January 2. On the second day of the new year the “holidays” are officially over and the winter chill loses all its charm. So I am thrilled to welcome spring.

So we just wanted to take a moment and wish our friends a happy “springtime” and a soon-to-be Happy Easter.

Josh and Lyndsay H.