Sorry, Adama, I’ve Gotten Lost in LOST

My previous favorite show, Battlestar Galactica, has been dethroned. Enter LOST.

Why, oh why, Stephen, did I not listen to you sooner? The owner and operator of Undeception has tried for a while now to get Lyndsay and I to begin watching LOST, ABC’s drama of a group of folks who have been stranded on an uncharted island via an airliner crash. The longer they go unrescued the more of the island’s secrets they discover which shock and bewilder the characters…and the viewers. Couple the already intriguing island secrets aspect of the show with flashbacks of individual characters’ lives prior to the crash and the fact that their previous lives intertwine in some amazing ways that the characters themselves were unaware of at the time, and you have got a show that will have you literally writhing with anticipation between episodes.

But we have our work cut out for us. In January season 5 of LOST will begin and we are currently watching season 2 on DVD. So between now and January we have to burn through two and half seasons in order to be up to date with the next season starts. Of course their are spoilers all over the internet so I practically can not read up on anything about the show online. So my constant companions have been the Jay and Jack podcast and the ABC Official LOST podcast. I just listen to archived episodes that go along with where we currently are in the season.

So what? It’s just a show
You have no idea. Heck! I had no idea. I previously thought LOST was basically Survivor made into a soap opera. Oh man! There is absolutely so much depth to the characters. You can never trust your first impression of anything or anyone. The overarching theme of LOST is Look closer because things are not always what they seem. I’m getting giddy just to thinking about it.

The characters are phenomenal. They are so real. You could totally imagine that these people exist. Aside from the extraordinary destinies they end up having, they are just typical people from various typical backgrounds with a variety of lifestyles: you’ve got a doctor, a fugitive, a young overweight guy who works at a chicken joint, an artist, a fisherman’s son turned business man, a musician, a unwed mother, a former soldier, a spoiled rich girl, a guy who works for a box company! And their nationalites are all very different which adds an interesting mix: American, Korean, African-American, Australian, British, Iraqi. The cultural differences make for some great personality clashes.

And this is no soap opera. It’s hard to give an analogy of what this show is like without giving to much away. Maybe if you mixed Robinson Crusoe with Diehard, add just a pinch of the clever humor of House, a dash of the Outer Limits (or if you’re all out of that you could use a dash of Twilight Zone), some conspiracy from X-Files for good measure, then you might have something like LOST. This is, however, a very insufficient analogy. LOST beats the pants off of any of the shows/movies I’ve just mentioned. There are mysteries to be solved, rescues to be made, secrets to be uncovered, plots to be discovered, and individual agendas of the characters to make all those things harder to do.

Just take a night off, rent or borrow or stream (from the first season of LOST and you will not be disappointed. If you can make it through the first season, you will be hooked. There is so much to theorize upon and figure out. I just love it and I think you will too.

Josh H.

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