Say “Hello” To My Little Friend

Any musician will tell you (as will his/her spouse) that the search for the “right tone” will never end. There are simply too many variables. Not only do guitars, amps, pianos, banjos, etc. vary in tonal quality from one unit to the next, but the musician’s own ears and tonal tastes change over time. There was a time when I was the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fan in the world. I wanted Billy Corgan’s tone so for me it was a Marshall half stack, a Big Muff Pi and a Fender Strat. That was over a decade ago. Today my guitars of choice are a Telecaster Deluxe and, my #1, a Gibson Les Paul Standard.

After every purchase my wife breathes a sigh of relief as if to say “maybe now he has the rig he wants.” But the shelf life for any given piece of gear for me is about two years (my Les Paul is the only exception to this rule; I will never part with it).

Recently I decided that the Orange Tiny Terror head that I was so excited about two years ago just wasn’t doing it for me. So the ol’ girl went up on eBay. Monday I purchased my latest love (musically speaking): a Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb reissue. I was really pumped about this amp because I have not owned a combo amp since I was a teenager and I was anxious to get back to something simple (ain’t it funny how no matter how much technology leaps forward, we always go back to the old stuff). I also needed something warmer and less aggressive than the Orange. And my experience with the Orange, a British amp, that the Brit tone is just not for me. And as I looked around at the players that I admire, I realized that a good number of them use the DR. So after playing a couple at some local music stores I made the leap to a Fender. Incidentally I have never owned a Fender amp before so these was completely new territory for me. And it sounds incredible. Exactly what I was looking for…for now anyway. My telecaster sound perfect and my Les Paul, of course, sounds great through anything. I won’t bore you with all the gory details especially since you can read all about it on Fender’s site.  But I just wanted to share my latest acquisition for the handful of you who may care.


  1. Congratulations on making the switch. Sometimes simple is better. And at least you sold the old amp before getting a new one. You may always be seeking the right tone, but at least you’re doing it responsibly.

    • Yeah, I’m not one for amassing a collection of gear. I’m too pragmatic. If I have gear that sits around too much, it’s gone. There’s too many other things out there I could use. And the stuff I like is so costly that I really couldn’t get it any other way than selling something I don’t need.


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