Post Count Celebrations

Well since having celebrations and giveaways over the number of posts one has published seems to be popular among my blogging friends, let me take this opportunity to say that this is my 232nd post. Yes, that’s right I have officially written 232 posts.  Granted, they average about 2 comments a piece (but who’s counting….besides me?).  But that’s not all folks. Today, also marks the two anniversary of The Smoak House. Two years ago today this blog made first contact with the blogosphere.  Hold your applause until the end please.

I want to thank all of folks who have made this possible.  I want to first thank my wife for allowing me so many hours on the internet to get my site and my posts just the way I want them. Many thanks Kev for answering just about every possible question imaginable.  Thanks to Ray for his help with design ideas. Thanks to Stephen for providing my new tagline. Thanks to Matt for getting mad about it (you’re hilarious, dude). And to Heather, Saige, Jason, and everyone else, thanks for reading and commenting and keeping things interesting.

Sorry, I don’t really have anything to give away. However if you’d like to commemorate this day, leave me a comment and tell me your favorite color. Mine’s green.

Josh H.

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