Pinehurst…The Mayberry of Georgia?

Men of MayberryRecently Lyndsay and her mom had the opportunity to visit Pinehurst, a small city located about 2o minutes south of Perry. While there they were able to visit a private school called Fullington Academy. Lyndsay said that the school building was built c.1939 and still retained much of its original character. The building had real wood panels on the walls, original wood floors, an old style auditorium, arched brick doorways (hey, why isn’t she posting this?). She also said that the town of Pinehurst was very Mayberry-esque – clean, with friendly people (as opposed to Unadilla right down the road which isn’t so nice to look at). She even said that there were some neat shops in the downtown area (probably complete with a General Store).

What is it that makes small towns so attractive? Life in a small town seems simpler for some reason even though the people there have to deal with the same issues of life as the rest of us: death, taxes, mortgages, etc. What’s funny is I grew up in Eastman, GA which is a small town. So it seemed that moved from a small town, to a bigger town and now am gushing over small town life (which I moved away from). However Eastman definitely did not have the southern, small-town charm of Pinehurst. Even still, I thought I’d always live in Eastman. That is until I met Lyndsay and she stated, rather strongly, that she would not ever live there. Needless to say I changed my tune really quick. Sorry Eastman, but it was you or my girl. So I moved to Houston county to marry Lyndsay and I have to honestly say that I don’t miss Eastman. In fact when I have gone back, I have been so relieved that I didn’t settle down there.

But a place like Pinehurst has an interesting quality about it. Lyndsay declared that she would move there if we didn’t have this house. I would tend to agree (granted I have only her description to go as I have not actually visited Pinehurst myself). But Lyndsay is right. This house that we have here in Perry is too perfect for us. So I guess Pinehurst will have to go on without us.

Josh H.

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