Natural Selection: Riddle Me This

Here’s a thought that struck me today:

Atheists/materialists/darwinists mock Christianity and its claim that God created the material universe. They dismiss the idea of creation by a deity as fantastical nonsense compared to the theory of the “Big Bang”and subsequent natural selection which lead to the contemporary species we now see, including man. They dismiss Christians as weak-minded people who must lean on the idea of God as a crutch in order to give their lives meaning and to help simpletons understand the world around them because they are not capable of understanding science and logic or are too cowardly and self-deceived to face the harsher realities of human life.

What I do not understand is why has natural selection not done away with such weak-minded people? Why are atheists, materialists, and darwinists still the minority? Why has Christianity been the dominating and most widespread faith for the last two millennia? Is nature still working out the kinks in its process (you’d think it would have it down pat after millions of years)? Why is it that some of the greatest minds and leaders in history have been adherents to the Christian faith? Why did natural selection not do something about C.S. Lewis, RenĂ© Descartes, St. Augustine, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, William Wilberforce? Why doesn’t natural selection learn how to do its job properly?

Perhaps it has not evolved far enough. Or maybe materialism was devised by weak-minded people who could not bear the idea of being held accountable for their actions and the lives they lead. Perhaps it was dreamed up for simpletons who could conceive of no power or mind greater their own to Whom they owe all.

Josh H.

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