My House Becomes a Bachelor Pad for a Day

Lyndsay did a good thing today. She and her friend Heather decided to make the three hour or so trek to Adairsville to surprise their old chum Randi with a visit.  By Lyndsay’s account the visit has gone splendidly and Randi was very surprised and happy when she saw Lyndsay and Heather at her front door. They were planning on an evening of dinner, hanging out, talking…you know, girl stuff.

Meanwhile, back in Perry…

Dude. Being home alone is awful.  I had some things to do today that filled up my time but good grief.  It is terrible having no one to talk to but your cats for an entire day.  I did some finalizing of the music for church tomorrow. I read some email and some blogs.  Then I did a 40-minute workout on the treadmill.  This was followed by a small lunch.  I watched some special features on my Star Trek: The Original Series DVD set while I ate. That was interesting.  Finally I cleaned out and vacuumed my car and then played guitar until time for supper with the in-laws.

Thankfully Heather’s husband, DH, bailed me out by inviting me over to hang out with him since we are both feeling the sting of domestic loneliness.

Ladies, maybe we husbands do not tell you enough how much we need you around.  Maybe you feel as though we do not pay you enough attention.  But believe me, we sure feel it when you are gone!  *sniff* Lyndsay….hurry home.

Josh H.

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