Macbook LCD Screen Oopsy!

You all know that I love Apple Inc. I love Macintosh computers, iPods, the whole bit (though the jury still out on the iPhone). But alas the halo has dimmed. The angel’s wings have been clipped.

You see, this past Sunday, an accident of freakish proportions happened. Lyndsay had sat the Macbook down and walked away. The place where she sat it was below a book shelf upon which sat a speaker system. Somehow (possibly invisible goblins) some books that were on the shelf with the sub woofer fell over and pushed the sub woofer off the shelf and onto the Macbook shattering the screen. Lyndsay heard the startling crash, came back to check on it and was mortified to find the damage that had been done. I was not home at the time so the poor girl had to wait an hour and half or so for me to return at which time she had to reveal the accident to me. But of course there was no way this could have been anticipated or prevented. It was just one of those things that life throws at you.

The real story begins when I called Applecare, the extended warranty I paid for when I bought the Macbook. They guy on the phone, Chuck, said that Applecare does not cover “accidental damage”. I decided that then was not the time to expound to him my invisible goblin theory.

Chuck: *entering information*
Josh: *waiting*
Chuck: Well, Josh, their not giving me a price to quote you so it’s possible that they will cover it. But that’s not to say that they won’t call you after checking it out and say ‘sorry but you’ll have to pay for this.’
Josh: I understand.
Chuck: Anyway, we’ll send a box to you. Simply pack the Macbook in the box and put the shipping label on it and send it out to us.
Josh: Ok. Thanks.
Chuck: We’ll see what they say. That’s not a cheap item. It could possibly cost around $800.
Josh: *gulp* $800?
Chuck: yep.

I am a nice guy on the phone. I used to be in customer service and had to deal with many irritating customers, so I try to be understanding when I am the customer. I was civil on the phone with Chuck. However after I hung up my first words were “Eight hundred freakin’ dollars!?” That is completely outrageous. That is over half what I paid for the Macbook in the first place! I just can not see it costing that much.

There is another option though. There are a number of companies that replace Macintosh components and I can get the screen on my Macbook replaced for under $300 through a company like or But there is catch and you probably know what it is: having my Macbook repaired by a 3rd party could possibly void my Applecare warranty. This is something I will have to call again and ask Applecare about. Of course this would really only come into play if I later had to have something repaired that was damaged on account of having a 3rd party replace my screen now.

I can send it to Applecare and if it is $800 (or some other outrageous price) I can decline service and they can still charge me a fee of “no more than $100” just for checking it out. This whole experience has me looking at Apple in a new light. I understand why Applecare doesn’t cover accidental damage, but $800? And that for an item that many other companies will replace for a fraction of that? I am beginning to wonder if Apple really loves me. What if Apple isn’t really in the computer business to help me out, as I previously thought. What if they really are just…in it for the money? That can’t be. Can it?

Josh H.

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