Mac Mini RAM Upgrade

Mac Mini

I know, I know. Here comes another post about Macs. No, actually I just wanted to share some pictures from an interesting experience I just had. I upgraded the RAM in my Mac Mini. At the time that I purchased my computer, it came with 256MB of RAM stock. Not too good. So at the time of my purchase I ordered it with 512MB with the idea of upgrading it myself to 1GB later. That day has come. I got a great deal on a 1GB stick of RAM from eWiz and it arrived today. I have upgraded RAM before in a traditional, tower-style desktop. But nothing quite like the Mac Mini. I was aided by an installation instruction video from Other World Computing.

The Mini’s enclosure can only be removed by the use of a putty knife (yes, a putty knife). I simply had to turn it upside-down, insert the blade of the putty knife along the bottom edge of the chassis and pop it up. I was nervous doing it, but it turned out fine. The putty knife worked like a charm.

The cover removedAfter this was done, removing the old memory stick was pretty much the same as on any other computer. I had to unlock a couple of clips, pull out the old memory, and then insert the new memory in its place. I then reattached the cover to the chassis and plugged her back up. I was definitely not dissatisfied with the performance of my computer; I just wanted to be able to get all I could out of it. The memory upgrade has definitely made a difference. Applications open faster and everything is just a little snappier. All in all it was a simple process.

The newly-installed RAMMy next venture into Mac Mini upgrading will be to replace my current optical drive with one that will burn DVD’s. Stay tuned. And thanks for letting me share this interesting (albeit insignificant) experience with you.

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Job Well Done!

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