It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like the End of Christmas

Josh on ChristmasLyndsay on Christmas DayI just hate when the holidays are over. I know that I am supposed to be an adult and act mature. But I can’t help myself. I get so blasted excited at Christmas time. Yes, I still have a hard time going to sleep on Christmas Eve.

I love the traditions that are beginning to surface for Lyndsay and I when it comes to the holidays. On Christmas Eve we hang out with her family all day. We then have a light supper (or dinner —whichever you want to call it) and then it’s on to exchanging gifts with her parents and siblings and our niece and nephews. It’s fun and loud and crazy and I just love it. This Christmas Eve was no different. Besides the honor of giving gifts to those I love, I was blessed by their gifts of music (in the form of compact discs), clothing, and a great book, St. Augustine’s “The City of God”. Then that night, instead of sugarplums dancing in my head, I tossed and turned knowing that upon waking on Christmas Day, Lyndsay and I will spend a couple of hours alone exchanging gifts with one another. This is a very special time for us.

After waking on Christmas morning, Lyndsay, as usual, blew my mind with the awesome gifts she bought for me, among them being an Apple mouse, Trivial Pursuit 80’s edition, the new Skillet CD, and bunch of other awesome stuff. Lyndsay was the proud recipient of a cordless drill (for her many little projects she undertakes), a nifty t-shirt, a nice chenille throw, a couple of DVD’s and a few other trinkets. Also my Dad provided us with the means to purchase a great digital camera (and thanks to Steve and Renee for letting us try theirs out, so that we could confirm that we wanted one just like it!). We couldn’t be happier with it. All in all, a wonderful Christmas with some wonderful gifts being exchanged.

The holidays aren’t quite over yet though and I still have New Year’s to look forward to. This year (as last year) we will be having a masquerade party. I can’t wait to see everyone’s costume’s. If last year was any indication, then this year will be a veritable extravaganza of characters from film, books, and history.

May you all have a safe and happy New Year.

Josh H.

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