How To Start a Fire

Let’s set this city ablaze
We’ll burn down the monuments and
Build mountains in their place

This is the opening line to the title track to Further Seems Forever’s album “How To Start a Fire”. And I turned on this song in my car the other evening after picking Lyndsay up for her play practice. Now surely all of you had experiences reading the Bible in which you read a very familiar passage (one that you may have read numerous times before) and suddenly its like God sheds light on the passage and you see it in a new way. This happens to me with Christian music as well.

It’s clear that this song is about being set on fire. That is, being changed in a radical way and becoming zealous about making changes where you are. But when I listened to this line on this particular occasion I was reminded of the prophet Daniel’s vision in chapter 2 of his Old Testament book. King Nebuchadnezzar had a puzzling dream which Daniel explained to him. In his dream the King saw a great statue made of different types of metal. The head was gold, the breast and arms silver, the belly and thighs brass, and the legs and feet were a mixture of iron and clay. These various parts represented a series of future kingdoms. At the end of it all he saw a rock cut out without hands which struck the feet of the statue, and toppled it and the whole statue became like chaff and was blown away by the wind. This rock then became a mountain that filled the whole earth.

It is clear when we look at Daniel’s interpretation and then compare it with history that the Kingdom of God is represented by the rock “cut out without hands”. It became a mountain and replaced the image which represented earthly kingdoms. The opening line of “How To Start a Fire” made me think of that rock which became a mountain. I do want to be set ablaze by a zeal for God. I do want to play a part in setting cities ablaze with this same passion for God. I want to see the expanding Kingdom of God change hearts, lives, cities, and countries. To me that line in the song spoke of replacing temporal things (i.e. mere monuments) with permanent mountains, that is, God’s Kingdom and the principles and benefits thereof.

Josh H.

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