Heath Ledger Found Dead

heath ledgerI know that The Smoak House is not the place for the latest Hollywood gossip but I just heard the report that Heath Ledger was found dead in an apartment owned by Mary-Kate Olsen in New York. He was found today (Jan. 22) around 3:30pm EST and authorities state that the probably cause of death was a drug overdose since pills were found near his body.

I bring this up because, well first of all it is sad. Too many celebrities’ lives end this way. But also I am concerned about what will happen with the film The Dark Knight in which Ledger was to play the infamous Joker. A trailer for the film has been released indicating that filming is most likely nearing completion (in fact it may already be in post-production). I am a big fan of the Batman franchise and I have been particularly anticipating this newest movie which was to be Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film. It is my assumption that most of the filming is done but I suppose that if any additional scenes with Ledger were to be done in post-production that those would have to be foregone. But it seems that this year we will be seeing a posthumous performance by Ledger.

This is a sad story and I wish that more celebrities would stop and take notice of the destructive lives they lead. I wish they would see that it does not have to be this way.

Josh H.

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