Harry Reid Says Income Tax Is Voluntary

FYI: Harry Reid is a Democrat and the senior Senator from Nevada and the Senate majority leader.

So tell me again, Mr. Reid, why do we have auditors?  Or the 16th Amendment for that matter? Or prosecutions for tax evasion (Tom Daschle would like to hear the answer to that one)? Or paycheck withholding? And why am I paying for Turbo Tax? Voluntary? I wish.

I believe the good senator was referring to “voluntary compliance” which is really not voluntary. “Dear citizen, will you please volunteer to pay your taxes so we will not have to throw you in jail? Thanks a million.” But as you can see from the video Reid inexplicably takes issue with the “phraseology” used by the interviewer. The interviewer uses the word “forced” to describe how the government collects income taxes. Reid employs a nice little two-step to dance around the issue and attempt (for reasons yet unknown) to explain how the income earners are not really forced by law to pay income taxes.

Whatever you call it, it is out of sync with the original intent of the Congress’s power to levy taxes as described in the Constitution. The original intent prior to the 16th Amendment was for all taxes levied to be apportioned throughout the states. But in 1923 the government gave itself authority to declare a tax on our wages, to declare how much it would take, and to govern what percentage of different individuals’ wages would be taken. It is not fair and the 16th Amendment should be declared unconstitutional. Let your representatives know.

Josh H.

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