Gohmert Tax Holiday Is a Bill

I wrote recently of the 2-month tax holiday proposed by Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert. Well on December 9 Gohmert’s proposal became [just a] bill [sittin’ on Capitol Hill]. H.R. 7309 has been introduced with numerous co-sponsors and has gone to the House Ways and Means committe.

Now, I’ll be realistic. Most bills never make it out of committee. That’s the double-edged sword of our legislative system. It can be very hard for politicians to make changes but on the other hand it can be very hard for politicians to make changes. KnowwhatImean?

But in the meantime it might be good to write or call your Representative and encourage him or her to support or even co-sponsor H.R. 7309. Who knows? I know a two-month holiday would not make millionaires out of any of us, but it would greatly raise awareness in the public conciousness of the extremely high taxes that are witheld from our checks. And subsequently it could lead to tax code revolution.

Josh H.

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