Five Favorite Things (sorry, Heather)

Several days ago Heather tagged me with this five favorite things meme and I had been meaning to get around to it, but you know how it is. Web site acts up, you’re trying to remodel your bathroom and well, one thought drives out another as they say.

So my apologies to Heather and here are my five favorite things (in random order):

1. Working on home improvement projects (building furniture, modifying furniture, painting, etc.)

2. Surfing the internet. I believe the internet to be one of the great developments of our time. The amount of information is amazing and for a person like me who likes to read for entertainment as well learning, it is the perfect source. There is nothing a person can not find out about on the web. Everything from how to play guitar to how to lay slate tile in a bathroom can be found on the well-named information superhighway.

3. Watching classic television shows. Star Trek, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone, Perry Mason, you name it!

4. Mexican Food. Like my father I have always been a fan of cuisine a la South of the Border. I don’t get it very often though.

5. Electronic gadgets and gizmos. I love iPods, Macs, cell phones, and all of the many neato accessories that are available for them. Technorati, digirati, geek—call me what you will. I love technology!

Josh H.

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