Firefox 3

For those who keep up with tech news you have probably heard that Firefox 3 is in the works. It has been in development for about two years. There are promised to be numerous features including increased browsing speed, one-click bookmarking, better security and anti-phishing measures, smart location bar,and many many other things that have techy names but don’t mean much until you actually use them.

Well finally Mozilla has released that the launch date for Firefox 3 is June 17th. Furthermore there is a report that Mozilla is attempting to set a Guinness world record by having Firefox 3 become the most downloaded software in one day. I for one plan on downloading Firefox 3 right away. However I will keep Firefox 2 just in case. Many of you know the problems that software early adopters have to put up with. However my past experience with Firefox upgrades has been good so I expect it to be a painless experience.

So I will do my part to help Mozilla make their world record. How about you?

Josh H.

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