Falling Off the Hobby Horse

The CourageI’ve been thinking about how much more I used to be into music. I still love music and I always have something playing or I always seem to have a song in my head. But I used to be a lot more passionate about playing music. My afternoons during high school, once I was home, consisted of cranking my amp and learning or creating some great riffs. More often than not I would load up the 5-disc CD player on my rather large stereo system in my room with Smashing Pumpkins Cs, put it on random and play along with what ever song came on (since I knew how to play practically every one of their songs). Or sometimes I would load it up with different artists’ CD’s and play along.

Only very seldom do I still practice in this way (and with Christian artists rather than secular ones). I practiced and played a lot more at home when I was with my band The Courage a few years ago. We were together for nearly 4 years and played all over Georgia (and a couple of times in Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama). Since then it seems that my passion for playing has waned. Yes, I am thankful that I get to play at church with our great praise team every Sunday. And I certainly have not lost my desire and passion for leading the church in worship. But what I’m talking about is different. I can’t say how it is different; it just is.

It’s like Theoden, king of Rohan from The Lord of the Rings. He had been under a spell and was letting his kingdom and his authority as king waste away. Finally Gandalf came and set him free so that he could rule his dominion once again. But right after the spell was broken Theoden was still somewhat weak until Gandalf suggested “perhaps your fingers would remember their old strength if they grasped your sword.” Maybe if I just begin to play rock music and practice it and experience it again, then I will remember what a wonderful thing it is to play music.

Josh H.

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