Complete School Choice In Georgia?

I just found out about proposed legislation (though a bill has not yet been filed) for allowing complete school choice in Georgia. State Senator Eric Johnson (R-Savannah), president pro tem of the GA Senate, has suggested that the Georgia school system begin using vouchers and school choice. This would allow a student to attend any school any where, public or private. I’m very interested in what the teachers among us think of such a proposal. A few points of Johnson’s proposal are:

*State funding would follow the student, though local funding would not.
*Each school’s council will determine what students it accepts based on its capacity, the student’s grades or other criteria.
*The proposal would require parents to provide transportation to the new school.

By the way, thanks to Stephen who recently hooked me up with a “Georgia political news” RSS feed you will probably start seeing a lot of my banter begin to lean toward state news. I am very excited about this since I have long lamented the fact that I feel unplugged from Georgia’s goings-on. Thanks again, Steve.

And if you want to subscribe to said RSS feed, here it is:

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Josh H.

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