Coffee Table-a-Go-Go

Lyndsay and I recently “redesigned” and piece of furniture that we found a year or so ago at the Macon Rescue Mission. It was a handyman special that was a simple two-drawer, four-legged chest. We loved the handles and the size was perfect for the new design we have in mind for our den. But the natural wood finish and the four stubby legs were quite out of character for the look we’re trying to achieve. So we removed those legs and made it into a floating table complete with two drawers. Our old table was much too large and this one serves us just as well and gives us more room.

Lyndsay picked out the great colors which we used for painting it. She’s a designing genius. When is she going to go into business for herself as an interior designer? I wish I knew. She could really make it. But I digress.

Check out our Coffee Table-a-go-go Flickr Photoset.

Josh H.

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