Can You Believe I’m Already Christmas Shopping?

I am the kind of person who tries to get tasks done as soon as possible. My motto is “why put off until tomorrow what you can do last week?” This of course drives my wife crazy more often than not. But I’m sure that she will be thrilled that I am already Christmas shopping and therefore I am finding some great deals. I have found that products (especially popular ones) become scarce and thus increase in cost the closer we draw to Christmas Day. So I saved myself some hassle and some money by locating the gifts I want to purchase now.

I recently found out about At you can find coupon codes to use on purchases from major online retailers like Target, Bestbuy, and Amazon. For me these three online stores will be especially helpful for purchasing DVD’s, music, and few other things that my wife will enjoy opening on December 25th. There are even a few things on for me such as a free 60-day trial of Apple’s .mac service.

The retailers featured at also offer promo codes for discounts on shipping as well as on the products themselves.

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