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Many of today’s blogs have catchy, sub-title taglines. For example you will notice the catchphrase of SKOS is “The World Is Full of Stupid; We’re Just Here To Document It.“ Heather’s Hodgepodge defines itself with the tagline “an unorganized collection or mixture of various things.“ (which is quite creative because that is indeed the definition of a hodgepodge. I once toyed with the idea of starting a new blog about modern, indie music that I was going to call “The Philosophy of Sound: Music In the Modern Era”.

I have been thinking about something for The Smoak House. So far the best ideas I’ve come up with are “The Smoak House: Smoak ‘em if ya got ‘em!” and “The Smoak House: Electric Boogaloo”. Actually that first one’s not bad. But seriously folks neither of these really captures what I’m going for. I need something pithy that conveys the fact that this is a place where one man, from his humble digs, pontificates on many subjects great and small as though he were an expert on all of them. However all of that won’t fit on a header image. “The Smoak House” Amateur Pontification At Its Finest”? I don’t know.

I need help from you, my friends and readers (who are actually one and the same). Leave me a comment with your best ideas for a catchy catchphrase for this blog. Submit the best one and in return for your wit and originality I will reward you by…using it.

Josh H.

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