Back In the Saddle

Whoa, horsey!Miss me?

I had the distinct pleasure of working a Men’s Tres Dias this past weekend. A fellow named Tom and I were the music leaders for the weekend and we had an absolute blast. We even got to write and perform a song about going to Hell. It was a comedic song…if you can imagine. Next time you see me remind me and I’ll sing it for you. All I can tell you right now is that the chorus goes:

You’ll be achin’
When you’re fryin’ like bacon
There’ll be no escapin’
When you’re fryin’ like bacon

I figure that after this weekend the music industry will go belly up since no cooler song can ever be written. I think it was the song to end all songs. But anyway, I am glad to be back with you all and ready to take up my blogging mantle once again!

Josh H.

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