Josh first fell in love with the sound of music as a kid riding with his mom in the car as she tuned the radio to various pop and rock stations and together they would sing out the choruses to their favorites. He was intrigued with harmony and tones and textures and all of the elements that caused the music he loved to stay with him and move him even years after the first listen.

Whether it was the classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s, the eerily slick and electronic melodies of 80’s new wave, the rebellious crunch of 90’s grunge, or the soul-bearing honesty of the singer-songwriter, music has consistently had the ability to capture his imagination in a way that is reminiscent of the great stories of the past. It could be a lyric or a particular iconic guitar riff. Through the songs that have impacted him most he has received this truth about writing music that people fall in love with: don’t sacrifice the “story” of the song for showmanship. The song is truly king.

When he co-writes a song or works with an artist to record a song, Josh seeks to understand not only the artist’s audience, but also the artist’s unique voice. He then seeks ways for his playing to tastefully help the songwriter tell the story in that particular voice. He wants to give fellow songwriters and musicans and, of course, the listener the same experience that he himself has been given by the songs and artists he loves.