8 Wonderful Years

Today Lyndsay and I celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary.

I remember being very relaxed on our wedding day. I had a great time catching up with my friends and groomsmen and talking with my dad. I didn’t have the jitters at all. That is until that famous march began to play and Lyndsay walked through the double doors. I felt my stomach drop. This was not because I was afraid or worried but because the whole scene was so surreal. You spend you life watching weddings happen on TV, movies, to other people and then you hear the music, you see the bride and YOU’RE the groom. It was unreal and wonderful.

Lyndsay is the perfect wife and friend for me. We were so different when we met in 1999 that it’s a wonder we made it so far. We liked different kinds of books, movies, humor, you name it. But now we could not be more alike in so many ways. The Lord has made us one flesh and I am forever grateful to Him for my ZZ.

Josh H.

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